to the Elysian Fields!


Elysium (ilýzi:em) n.(Gk. mythol) the Elysian Fields, the abode after death of the brave and good; a place or state of ideal happiness.


I still have lots of pictures to put up, but I've at least kept up with the travel pics and journals.  There's also my wedding page that is viewable here - and more to come after that!  (p.s.  Yes, this site is HORRIBLY old and gaudy, it was first put up in the mid 1990s when most people were lucky to have even dial-up internet access.  One of these days I'll get around to archiving this and making a simple page - but now I've put it off so long I kindof like having this crappy old page as a funny reminder of days gone by.)


Nothing moves me more than the written word. Here's a couple of favorite literary nifties.

Travel plans and memoirs.... places I dream of visiting and places I've been.
(In Progress - click here to see various photos
of Bay Area events)

For those who are curious, find out a little bit more about me.
(Other photos from this camera-nut)
(Coming Soon)

Flights of Fantasy

The old guestbook has been replaced by a nifty new discussion board!  The old guestbook can still be viewed though.



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