THE MYTH OF PISCES: The two fishes in the sign of Pisces are alleged to be Venus, the goddess of love, and Cupid her son.  They transformed themselves into fish one day to escape being captured by the horrible monster Typhon (creator of, yes, the typhoon)


Pisceans are selfless and spiritual, often strongly intuitive, and they are receptive to the collective unconscious. Pisces is the Sign of dreams and secrets, and it represents much that is hidden, both strengths and enemies.


Thoughts.....  we should all be defined and characterized by how we think.  Given that, the thoughts below might give you some insight on who I am.  But if you are looking for more tangible sorts of stats, just click here to see the grisly facts. 



On Keeping an Open Mind

Above all, I seek, cherish, and respect an open mind.  I've often been accused of being too easygoing, too curious, too idealistic, too downright happy.  Probably all true, but it should be of little surprise.  To constantly expose yourself to the unknown, to try seeing things from another person's viewpoint, to constantly question your own "facts" and opinions, these are things that are of greatest value to me.  Whatever malady or shortcoming may ail us, we share a most incredible human gift - free thought, and to deny yourself of that gift seems to be the greatest of sins and most terrible form of imprisonment.  People have struggled throughout history to win freedom in one form or another.  But what exactly is it they struggled for?  Are we free today to smoke wherever we want to?  Buy what we want to?  Live wherever we wish?  Say whatever we want to whomever we want?  Are we free to really dress and act however we wish, without fear of ridicule or repercussion?  No, not really.  The one place we have true capacity for absolute freedom is within our minds.  Certainly its not easy, freeing your brain of lifelong constraints is remarkably difficult, if not near impossible.  But I think this is the most worthwhile of causes, the most extreme form of personal growth, that one can undertake.

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On Being a Slacker

I'm something of an expert in this field, to which friends and family can attest.  Yes I'm aware that I can be lazy beyond belief, though I can also work ceaselessly when the fancy takes me.  To some of my Type-A friends, this is the most infuriating aspect of my personality.  Hell, to myself it's one of the most infuriating aspects of my personality.  But in another sense, I think I owe a great deal to this trait as well.  It keeps me happy and satisfied to a large degree, and keeps me from "burning out" and leaping into situations without thinking.  I often wonder if I could have the benefits of a Slacker's lifestyle, while still living life to the fullest and making use of my potential.  Sometimes I actually think I'm already succeeding at this, and others it seems I'm failing miserably.  Ah well, I think I'll just sit here and ponder it further....

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On Friends

I love my friends dearly, and cherish their company.  I feel blessed for having met and befriended so many good people in my life, and doubly blessed that I am still close to so many of them.  While I enjoy solitude at least as much as the next person, you can only learn so much about yourself without studying your interaction with others.  I'm just thankful that I have such wonderful people in my life that I can "study" with.  I often tell people that I believe there is a lot of goodness within everybody.....  sometimes I wonder if this belief is an ill-founded result of having too many kind hearts around me.  If so, please don't burst my bubble yet - I'm rather enjoying it.

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On Family

Family to me is really just an extension of my friends.  It's funny how the older I grow, the more I view those that were once just "family" as becoming "friends".  They say, "blood is thicker than water".  I say, "friendship is thicker than blood".  My father, my mother, and my brother have become the closest of friends to me, and it makes me glad that I'm old enough to realize this and recognize it from adult eyes.  My father has always been a silent sort, always showing his feeling more through actions and almost never with words.  My mother, on the other hand, is never short on words.... but whatever they may be, though I may have heard them a thousand times, even when I'm in outright disagreement with them, the words are always borne on her concern and love.  And my brother, though we've gone through tough times, and though he's walked through hell and back, and still fights himself on a daily basis - I know his love for me has always been there, oft buried, oft unspoken, but always there somewhere.  Beyond my immediate family, I have many loving aunts and uncles, cousins and other relatives.  Though I may not see them as often as I like, or as I should, yet they accept me for who I am, and are friends to me whenever we do meet.  For that I am thankful.

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On Religion

What can I say, of all the people I know I am one of the most ideal candidates for religious life, yet I am one of the least religious in a traditional sense.  I often find myself praying, and wishing blessings upon people, yet I don't have a specific god or deity in mind when I do.  I have a very difficult time swallowing some of the more traditional religious doctrines, with their various rules, rituals and ceremonies.  Most disturbing to me is the exclusiveness of so many religions, the "worship me or else" message that hangs a pall of doom over those who might worship "false" gods.  Yet, I do feel a certain divinity in existence all around me.  It's in the beauty of nature, a dancer's movements, a musician's emotion, or the love you feel for another.  Life is too fantastic and diverse for me to think that there is no "greater pattern" to it all, some sort of cosmic reason for existence aside from pure dumb luck or chance.  Sometimes I think that divinity is within us.  That we are god, or at least godhood is manifested in each of us, the potential within each person which is never quite reached.  I can go on and on about this one, but I'll stop at that, and leave the rest to the discussion boards.

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On Sex and Sexuality

Sex?  Yes please.  (Mike Myers is the greatest.)  Seriously though, I've always been fascinated and confused by the topic of sexuality.  (Who hasn't?)  It's the most paradoxical of subjects for me, the one where I argue with myself over every little aspect.  On the one hand, my logical side tells me that everyone would be better off if they could separate love and sex.  Who is to say that the one you are most mentally connected to will be physically compatible, or even mildly attractive?  Why should we assume that just because you have formed an emotional and spiritual bond with a person, that your libido is going to follow suit and that you are wrong for wanting to have sex with another perfectly fine (or perhaps significantly more fine) human specimen?  Yet, my very nature is primarily monogamous.  Although I have actually had sexual relations with someone who remained (and still remains) "just friends", my natural inclination is to fall in love... to give into those intense romantic urges that cause me to do ridiculously sweet things for a person and to block out all others.  Sexual dysfunction I suppose, and a lifetime of programming?  Or perhaps just a simple matter of not getting laid enough in my lifetime and putting too much emphasis on those that I sleep with.  Whatever the cause, I do find that even moderate attraction to a girl will often preclude noticing others.  I don't know if I feel wrong or dirty lusting after more than one person at a time, or if I just obsess over the object of my desire, leaving no room for another.  Regardless, I do think a lot of pain and grief is caused in this world by jealousy, and that as long as people communicate all their intentions clearly, then it shouldn't matter who sticks what in where.

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